Bamboo Fly Rods and Taper designs

many flutes In 1931 E.C. Powell applied and received a patent for hollow build bamboo rods. This innovation improved the casting characteristics of bamboo rods. Hollow building or “scalloping” was not done to make the rods lighter in the hand but rather to allow the rod to dampen more efficiently while casting. Or simply put to over come the self weight momentum of the rod during the casting stroke.

Hollow building with the scalloping techniques allow fine tuning with an internal taper far into the tip of the rod. While the solid dams increase the hoop strength much like the bamboo culm with its nodes and dams.

All rod tapers are of my design with what I call progressive action. Which means the longer the cast the more the rod flexes into the butt.. I like rods that are easy and smooth to cast that will handle all the casting and fishing situations for which they were designed. one flute one flute medium