Blackburn Custom Bamboo Fly Rods

Bamboo Rod

6' 6" 4 weight

This is the only solid rod I build. A great little casting rod that can handle any situation on a small stream

7' 4 weight

A crisp hollow built rod with similar profile and casting character as the 6'6" 4 weight. The extra 6" just makes this rod a little more versatile.

7' ½ 4 weight

A very versatile 4 weight. A fine tip with enough power make this rod a good choice on any stream.

7'1/2" 5 weight

This 5 weight has a smooth progressive action with the ability to handle a breezy day on any western stream.

8' 4 weight

This is my favorite summer dry fly rod. Hollow building make this rod cast smoothly with very little effort. It’s the rod I take to the spring creeks.

8' 3" 4 weight

A rod for the caster who want a little more length and a little more power in the butt. A more of a all around 4 weight.

8' 5 weight

This 5 weight is just a line size bigger than the 8' 4 weight. The bigger line size makes this rod a good choice for the fisherman who a rod that covers allot of different fishing situations.

8'3" 5 weight

A rod designed to fish the bigger water of the west. It will cast close and reach out there when required. A popular choice for just about any fishing situation.

8'6" 5 weight

I came up with this rod to fish the mother\'s day caddis hatch in the spring time. It\'s a good choice when both the hatch and the weather are unpredictable. I prefer the rod in a three piece configuration.

8'6" 6 weight

Hollow building makes this rod a practical choice for big water trout fishing. Great choice for fall streamer fishing as well as still waters out of a float tube.