Hand Made Bamboo Flyrods

Why I make Fly Rods

After completing an Industrial Arts degree as a young man and then working for over twenty years as a fishing guide for Pat Barnes, Bob Jacklin and Craig Mathews in West Yellowstone Montana and then seven years more in Alaska and a few more after that in Mongolia--I one day realized I really wanted to make bamboo fly rods.
A lucky turn of events connected me with my good friend and mentor Tom Morgan, who I apprenticed with as a bamboo fly rod maker and who I worked with for more than a decade. Bamboo rods have personalities. There is no magic construction technique, other than careful pains taking craftsmanship and a devoted attention to detail.

Carefully developed tapers are what really distinguish one rod from another. Each design can be seen as a reflection of who the rod maker is and what that builder knows and likes about fly rods and the fly fishing way of life.

I'm on my own now. My rods reflect my lifetime's experience in the fly fishing industry. But I also like to work with customers who know what they want. Call me and talk to me. I'll build a rod for you as a reflection of who you are and how you like it.

Call me at 406-451-3023 or shoot me an Email